If you’re ever in an altercation with another individual which you did not instigate, you may have a claim against that person’s insurance company or personal assets

Often, the police are somewhat hesitant to pursue assault charges, especially if it’s a he said/she said situation. That doesn’t mean you don’t have legal recourse to pursue compensation for injuries suffered at the hand of another individual who assaulted you without reasonable grounds to do so.

In most cases, a person’s homeowner insurance will not cover the actual losses if the assault was intentional, as there is an exclusion under most insurance policies to that effect. However, insurance companies do accept negligence claims against their insured, so there is often an avenue to pursue insurance through claiming the assault was, in part, negligence on the part of the assailant. Some individuals will also have personal assets that you can pursue in the event of a judgement in your favour.

Mussio Goodman has run numerous assault cases over the years with considerable success in receiving compensation for injured parties. We usually vet the file to see if there is any insurance that can be pursued, or if there is no insurance, whether he assailant has assets that could ultimately be liquidated in order to pay any settlement or judgement.

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